Planning for a vacation in Kenya

One never lacks enough  reasons to make Kenya a travel destination. From its beautiful landscape, amazing wildlife, diverse culture, great culinary offerings and more, surely the country has something for everyone. Those who spend a little time researching what to look out for in Kenya, the holiday getaways in Kenya and more will be pleasantly surprised to identify so many of them. 

On a small budget, local Kenyans have in the recent past taken to enjoying a taste of what the country has. A vacation in Kenya at any of its attractions from the coast of Mombasa to the hills of central Kenya and the Lake Victoria region can be nothing less than exciting. 

If anything, Kenya ranks among the top countries in which foreigners don’t think twice about spending their top dollar simply for leisure. But for anyone really looking out to get best value from the amounts spent on such trips, having a proper plan in advance creates a chance for greatest enjoyment. 

Having a proper schedule of what to do, where to go, items to carry and such things matter so much even if only for a short period of getaway. At some point, anyone on a vacation in Kenya gets to realize that so many exotic attractions exist around and temptations to sample each one of them may risk setting one off budget. So having a plan beforehand would be a perfect gift for yourself before setting off for a vacation in Kenya. 

Getting ready for a vacation in Kenya

Nobody just wakes up and sets off for a vacation just like that. Of course some people try the error and the result never amuses at all. There’s always this glorification of having enough savings and means to go on a vacation which makes people ignore proper planning.

To have a perfect holiday in Kenya, do your research about places to visit and what activities really happen there. For example, should you be dying to have a warm sand bath, going to Wasini or Diani could be ideal. But a similar experience can be found in the island resorts with cool waters in Lake Victoria. The same applies to those wanting to see wild animals, do birdwatching or just take nature walks. 

For anything that you want to experience while on a  vacation in Kenya, so many alternative destinations exist which also affects budget and time allocation for it. So, out of so many attractive places for holiday in Kenya, identify what matches your plan and go with it. An experienced traveler always knows that there’s always a next time to enjoy a different destination. 

Think about the local currency in Kenya 

Some of the nasty experiences for a tourist would be not having an idea about the means of paying for items and local currency. It may not be a problem for someone vacationing in the metropolis areas such as Kisumu, Nairobi or Mombasa cities. But imagine going deep inside the Maasai manyatta areas of Kajiado then see a nice handcraft that would make a great memento only to end up not being able to buy because the seller doesn’t accept credit cards; only cash money.

For local travelers and tourists, nothing should worry you much about the local Kenya shillings because you already have an idea where exactly cash will be needed. For foreign tourists taking a  vacation in Kenya, just know that you will at some point need physical money in the form of notes and coins of Kenya shillings. To be safe, just visit a currency exchange bureau in Kenya as a first thing and get some money. 

As a good advice, just have your debit card or credit card loaded with enough money yes but also carry some cash in your wallet or purse. The only tip here is not to carry a lot of cash as that makes you an easy target for marauding criminals. 

Making a list of places to visit in Kenya

You already have an idea that Kenya is a tourist hub all for good reason. Like already stated here above, there;s always something for all to sample and enjoy but time and money may not allow. Remember, most travelers want to do so without having to cause a money heist. 

As a starting point, have a clear list of places to visit. It would be disingenuous to target visiting only one place on a vacation. But if this is the case, a perfect choice would be a place where one can engage in so many exciting activities to avoid being bored on the first day.

A simple search on the internet will not only give you a list of exciting travel destinations but also what those who have visited them before have to say. As the one on the driving seat, you literally choose what to have in your vacation basket and go by it. 

Most people on vacation in Kenya never want to miss being on the Kenyan coast, the Maasai Mara, Mount Kenya region and Lake Victoria. These regions have so much to keep visitors thrilled. Diani in Mombasa, Lake Nakuru in Nakuru town, Tsavo national park among others always feature on the travel baskets of many tourists both local and international. 

Prepare your mindset and be ready to experience, learn, unlearn and relearn

The whole essence of traveling the world is to learn and accumulate new experiences that give life more value.  Of course before setting off to visit Kenya or a particular place in the country, one obviously has a bias on different things. But a great traveler would be open to learn, relearn and unlearn based on actual experiences out there. Forget about what your friend told you  or comments read elsewhere and just open yourself to get your own experience.

One gets to realize that there’s never one way of describing an entire community in Kenya. If someone told you that at the coast there’s so much love and bliss, you may still get some arrogant people there too. But the whole idea is to focus on the positive vibe and not let anyone spoil your vacation. If anything, do as much as possible to feel at home. 

Be ready to somehow create a small world where only good stuff exists but then don’t be blind to bad ones too. Check into the hotels and restaurants in Mombasa with rich Swahili cultural cuisine, hotels in the capital, Nairobi with mouthwatering cuisine. There are hotels in Kisumu Dala with delicious Nyanza cuisine including the “mbuta” that is tilapia fish, Nile perch fish, “Alia” and also “Aluru”.

Check out for means of transport on your vacation in Kenya

Generally, public transport is the most common way to get around the country but this can’t be anything to recommend for someone on a vacation. The matatu in Kenya can be chaotic with no proper route schedules and unpredictable fare rates.

If your main aim is to have a feel of how public transport in Kenya is then well and good you can try out one. But if you want to make use of your time in Kenya, make plans with tours and travel agencies in Kenya. They will organize your trip well ahead of time, plan your itinerary and set everything ready for you. This then makes it a real holiday. 

Today, anyone on a vacation doesn’t need to be worried because so many tours and travel agencies work in different parts of the country. They will link you up with whatever means of transport best fits your situation. From airplanes, standard gauge railway, safari rides and car hirers, you’ll definitely not feel cheated. Depending on the amount you are willing to spend and luxury you can choose from different ranges of the means of transport available. 

Think about your security when traveling in Kenya

You’ve probably seen embassies in Kenya issue travel advisory from time to time and wonder what the heck that helps with. These updates never count for nothing but really matters for travelers not to put themselves onto the arms way. For example, Lamu could be a great travel destination but some parts of it are a security risk. Remember its here that a British was killed and wife kidnapped that resulted in the infamous operation Linda nchi

One thing that anyone taking a vacation in Kenya or anywhere else needs to have in mind is that safety and security begins with them. Overindulging in risky behavior and exposing self in high risk places doesn’t guarantee safety at all. So, one has to always be vigilant and cautious so as to remain safe. 

Final takeaway

Taking a vacation in Kenya would be the best gift anyone can give to him/herself. Indeed there;s always so much to watch, do and enjoy in Kenya. But without a proper plan and right mentality, chances that not everything may fall in place remain high. So, planning your trip in Kenya beforehand just makes everything smooth eventually. 


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